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  • What is Solo Biz Summit?
    Solo Biz Summit is a digital summit that brings together 20+ experts who help solo business owners level up and scale. From finding new audiences, locking in more sales, mastering social media, to scaling your operations, you’ll be equipped to identify and focus on what your business needs right now. All sessions are pre-recorded. You’re a solo business owner. You don’t have all day to sit through live videos!
  • Is it really free?
    Yup! 100%. By registering for the summit, you’ll get access to every session video for free. They’ll unlock on Thursday, October 24 at 11 AM ET. You can then watch them whenever and wherever you want. After the event, we’ll move them to an unlisted YouTube playlist that only session registrants will have a link to.
  • Who’s MeetEdgar?
    MeetEdgar is a social media automation platform. We help you build your brand and business on social media by cutting out all the time-wastey bits! Our team loves solo businesses. We’re a small 100% remote company, so many of us run our days (and departments) similar to solo business owners. We understand the challenges of growing your biz, while staying true to your mission and maintaining your mental and physical health. We hope this summit becomes an annual event! Learn more at MeetEdgar.